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Confero: Essays on Education, Philosophy & Politics

Confero is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal focusing on issues related to education and social criticism. The journal provides a space for essayistic writing and especially encourages discussions of philosophical and political nature.

We now welcome submissions of essays that deal with issues related to the broad scope of the journal, i.e. education and criticism. Contributions from scholars with various disciplinary backgrounds are welcome to debate issues in relation to educational systems and politics, as well as everyday experiences of the different practises of education.

Confero publishes essays related to education written from various academic traditions, for example anthropology, literature, history, pedagogy, social psychology and sociology.

Confero is an open access journal, available for free to people engaged in social science research as well as a wider intellectual public. All the submission that potentially will possess the high quality required for publication, will go through a double blind peer-review process. The journal is hosted by the publisher Linköping Electronic Press at Linköping University, Sweden. Texts should be submitted to:

We look forward to your submission!

The editorial team